Shaping Disability Sector

We research, plan, design and innovate to provide better outcomes for those in care.

About Us

We work with select service providers in the disability sector to develop inclusive products tailored to their needs.

Designing for inclusivity, not only assists people with disabilities but benefits everyone. Through our practice, ‘Display’ creates person centred products and services that are accessible for people of all abilities.

Every person differs in the way they comprehend, communicate, see, and handle the world. We strive for our work to reflect this diversity. We research extensively and collaborate closely only with those who share a vision of inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Born with a vision to innovate where it matters the most.

Of the world’s population experience some form of disability. This number will double by 2050.

Innovation in the care and disability sectors can have a direct impact on a person's quality of life.

We do what we do because we believe design and technology can improve outcomes for those who need it most.

Principles which guide us

  • Alt textOur participants needs are paramount

    Our focus is always on understanding your needs in everything that we do.

  • Stay open and learn from mistakes.

    Mistakes are where we learn the most. We listen, iterate and collaborate to overcome obstacles and improve outcomes for all involved.

  • accessibility Design for accessibility always.

    Research, refine, share and learn in the fields of usability and accessibility. Design universally.

  • Alt textInnovate to improve outcomes.

    We believe innovation is the best way to improve outcomes for those in care.