All Shapes

An online magazine that connects people, their stories, inclusive design, and helpful resources, regardless of their unique “shape” in life. Aimed to create support and community.

  • Year 2023
  • Role Design & Development
  • Client Display In-House Project
  • Product Type Custom Web App, Assistive Software.
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Creating community amongst all shapes and sizes.

All Shapes is an online magazine and resource for all things accessibility, inclusivity and community of all shapes. It is a place for people to come together, share their stories, experiences and challenges, with a vision to cater to everyone.

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Solving problems for more inclusion

All Shapes is about making everyone feel welcome. We believe in celebrating differences and making sure everybody feels seen and heard. We also like to solve challenges or problems that people have, and find ways to think about it differently. 

Stories that inspire and innovate

At the core of our articles is a genuine interest and curiosity to learn more about people who care about inclusivity and design, and what brought them there. We cover stories that inspire and bring about change.

Connecting with like-minded individuals

Looking for someone who shares your passion, understands your challenge, and can help? All Shapes is where you can find them. More than just stories, we're about building connections, finding friends, and even potential collaborators for your next big project.

Reach out

What’s on your mind? If you've got a story, a question, or an idea, we want to hear it. We value every voice and story, and we're always here to listen. Get in touch and let's make the world a bit more inclusive, one story at a time.

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